Image change with something

hello bubbler
I used a custom state, but I don’t know how I want it below.

the result I want

  1. Click the image on the left
  2. Click where you want the left image to be placed on the right.
  3. The URL on the right is changed to the URL of the image on the left, so the image can be placed where you want.

I have now set conditions on the workflow in the image on the right. Click the image on the left and then the image on the right to change the address.

However, this method requires setting up a workflow for every right image one by one.

Is there a way to solve it in one workflow?


It is actually simple if I understood your idea correctly.

Create a custom state that would hold the image link. When you click the image on the left, it should save the link of the image from the left (it would save the last clicked one). Then, when you click on the right, just copy the data from the custom state to the image source, and voila!

Let me know if this helps

Thanks for reply. Yes you right but I already did that way.
To do it your way, I would have to create a workflow (when clicked) on every right group.
I want to make it possible in one write.

If you make the right group a repeating group, you can use one workflow for them.

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Yes, that is what I thought you did

But my right group cant be repeating group

I need your help

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why can’t it. please let me know so I can try to think of a solution

beacause right group is random

I would be very happy to help, but I am still not sure what is the problem. Could you please explain a little bit more, or share a link so I can check?

Thanks for help

is text imporant? as first thing that I would change is not to set a index number, but a picture url

and also, how many images on the right are you planning to have? as if you have only this amount, it is not a problem to repeat the workflow

It didn’t matter if there were less images or text and I would have solved it too.

If I had fewer images, I would have just done it. But I have unlimited images.

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