Radio Buttons from option sets

Hi, Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get the radio buttons to show the text in the option sets it points to.


If you’re trying to get the editor to show the values that are saved in your OS, it won’t. The editor doesn’t work like that. If you preview the page, you will see the correct values where you want them.

Thanks Paul, I am seeing nothing in the preview though.


Can you please send a screenshot or your layout tab for your radio buttons as well as a screenshot of your option set?

Also, when you preview the page, click inspect button and the type in “radiobuttons cost calculator” into the dropdown and select it from the list. Then find the blue text and click on that and send a screenshot of that too please.

Thanks buddy, with your questions above it was possible for me to work it out. the inspect function was what I needed to know about. Cheers.

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Can you post what you were doing wrong so other people can get the answer if they have the same problem?

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Yes, nothing too difficult, when I created the option sets. Instead of “creating new option”, I created new attributes. I am new to this but the inspect function helped me out.


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