Why aren't my radiobuttons displaying in editor?

Thanks for reading my question. I’m just having problems with adding radiobuttons to my webapp where the ‘choices’ are not displaying in the editor as shown in the picture above. The colour/size and everything of the choices should make them visible. No matter what page in the app I try to add them, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried in multiple browsers

When I try to use radiobuttons on other bubble projects, they work perfectly as expected.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on? Or is this a bug?

Check your styles, is the text white?

All black, tested with multiple styles that should definitely allow text to be seen

Are they visible on your preview page?

Yes they’re visible on the preview page.

I also noticed that after I’ve added them to a page, it breaks the ability for me to ‘insert dynamic data’ to a totally separate button’s workflow so I’m starting to think there’s a bug.

Here’s a picture to show where there is usually a dropdown list of options for adding dynamic data. The dropdown list is not appearing. This only happens on a page where I’ve added radiobuttons somewhere on the page.


When I use radiobuttons on any other app I’m working on, they work perfectly normally.