Radio-like music stream

Hi Bubblers,

I want to create a radio-like music page that streams the same song live for everyone at the same time. It seems simple but I can’t wrap my head around how to start? I wouldn’t want people to be able to navigate through the songs, maybe pause and play but when you play it needs to go back to “live”. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Let me also add that I don’t want it to be an actual radio stream, but rather mp3’s that are uploaded to Bubble.


Dang, I was hoping there was a way to do this in Bubble without dealing with actual 3rd party streaming, and encoding, and all that Jazz…but I guess it makes sense since it all needs to be handled server-side

@keith okay so forgetting about the live stream idea. Would it be possible to have one person be able to have a song play on a page for everyone on that page? So if I click play on a song on the page then everyone else on the same page hears it?

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