RadioButtons is focused

I want to display some help text when the user is entering form details. I know I can have a conditional on an element so that it displays when an Input is focused. There doesn’t appear to be an “is focused” for RadioButtons.

How would I do this?

Try placing the checkbox inside a group and act on this group being hovered

That will work, but I want the help text to display as the user tabs through the form, to make it keyboard accessible. Group doesn’t have “is focused” either.

I thought I could use a Group Focus element, set to reference the Group, but that doesn’t display either.

@gary.homewood I might be missing something here - I could see how radio buttons can be “pressed”, but how can they be focused?

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I would like to be able to fill in a form using a keyboard without a mouse, by tabbing through the inputs. So when I tab to a radio button or checkbox, it should receive focus. And if I wanted to, I could style the focus state to give the user some visual feedback, so they knew where they were.

The only way I imagine you can do this is using a plugin to map the keys your users are pressing so you can change the value of some custom state. And based in this value, you change the style of your elements… this should work well.