Random Chat App Possible?

Is it possible to create an app where people can chat with random people? I checked out how to create WhatsApp but that process seems to be centered around chatting with people after you find them by username (so as easy as looking through the database). But if I were to want to chat with some random person right now, live (meaning we’re both online, like Omegle), could I do that? If so, how would I go about doing this?


Yes is possible to do so.

Decide on what logic you would want to use to randomly chat with someone and build it in Bubble.

You would have to familiarize yourself with how logic is built in Bubble … but your project is very doable with this visual programming language :grinning:.

I’m a bit stuck. I built a data base to load a screen with messages (for when two people are actually talking to each other), but I’m not sure how to connect with a random person in the workflows section. Could you point me to where I can learn about this? I can’t find anything like this on the forums

Here’s where I’m stuck. I add whoever is looking for a another person to talk to (when they click a button) to the chat and then I have to figure out who else to add to the chat. In this case it’s somebody who also clicked that button, but how do I set this? There’s a few options and I don’t see any that resemble this thought process?