Random Name and Date picker

Hi! I have an app where i need to associate each group member with a random date. For example if there are 12 members, I want to give each member a random month from the year: For example:: Bob: January, Alice: July, etc. I want this to stay in the data base until that’s years cycle is complete. So after a year, those dates will delete and new dates will be appointed to each member.

Thank you!

Use random string generator and the value should be between 1 to 30 and take it out to a date picker and that’s it. For the month the value between 1 to 12

Great Thanks ill give it a try! Why do you suggest 1 to 30 though?

Because there are 30 days standard for a month, you certainly don’t want to get numbers like 42 and 78 for days

I get what you mean but im having some trouble, is random string generator a plug in? and how do I take it out to a date picker, could you elaborate in detail if possible. Thank you!