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Randomly display Google Sheet data

Hi! I’m using a google sheet’s API as a data source for my repetitive group - I’d like the order of that repetitive group to change randomly every time I load the page but can’t see the ‘Sort by’ option when connecting to an API. Does anyone know how to solve this?

With the Repeating Group selected, for the Data Source (without sorting) add “sorted by” and in the slide-out window you can select “Random sorting” at the bottom of the dropdown list.

Problem solved, thank you so much!

Very pleased to be of help. You’re most welcome.

Just realised one thing - every time i scroll down and load new elements of the group, every element displayed gets randomised at every new load. Can I add a command to randomise on the first loading and then keep it consistent?

Instead of extended scrolling, use Full List or Vertical Scrolling so that the whole list is loaded first. Failing that, you could probably load it all into a State randomised and then use that State for the Repeating Group without any sorting necessary and the Ext Vertical Scrolling would still work as expected.

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Thank you, really appreciate the help

Can you show the API, how Sheet API can work in bubble?
Do I need Google Cloud enabled for it?