Repeated random Sorting without refreshing a page


From reading other threads and not finding a solution, I believe this is a bug apologies if it belongs elsewhere or I’ve missed something really obvious!

Repeating groups, pulling items from a database (doesn’t matter what) and using the ‘random sorting’ function can only sort randomly upon a page refresh, regardless of workflows such as clearing a repeating group and resending the data.

To demonstrate, here’s a basic quiz where I want the answers to a question shuffled each time a user returns to the question. Even though the buttons trigger a new ‘search’ each time, this doesn’t seem to be refreshed and thus the answers remain the same.

Is this the case or am I missing something? Is there any way to reload a repeating group randomly without refreshing the whole page?

Hmm, don’t think this would be classed as a bug unfortunately, as the documentation states ‘refresh’:

Random sorting
Choose this option to randomize the order results. It will be different for each user and after each refresh.

With that said, I would have thought the workflow action to clear the data group and the repeating group, then reassign data back would trigger the randomisation of entries. However because the list of items have already been loaded on page load into the browser, it probably cant work this way. Not sure to be honest - is this the normal behaviour @neerja

Cheers for the reply - you’re right about that definition of ‘refresh’.

I can think of a couple of workarounds, but seems like so much effort just to reorder a few items - does anyone have a working fix for this?

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