Randomly Select a User from DB


I am creating a recognition app for work where team members can pick a teammate, write why they want to recognize them for their great work that week, and submit their entry.

Once submitted, every week we read the submissions and randomly choose a winner.

I have everything built in the app but need to figure our how to, with the click of a button, have the application randomly pick one of that week’s submitted team members and display them as the winner.

Submissions are entered into a new DB when created so they will be available, just need to know how to get the app to randomly choose one from that DB.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I have submitted this incorrectly (first time).


you could do something like this - - Probably in a workflow. Screenshot_48

Search for submissions - - - Get that in a random sort - - - Pick first item. That’s your winner.

Ah… once again I’ve tried to over-complicate things with Bubble.

That seems to be working great, thank you so much for the quick advice!

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