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How to randomize user selection

I am trying to randomly assign a user as a “team leader” to another user when I press a button. I am doing a search for all users that are “team leader” and selecting :random item as the selection, however, it keeps assigning the same team leader. Any ideas?

Hmmm… can you share some screenshots of your workflows?.. as :random item seems to be working as expected for me.

Also, do you have any privacy rules applied that might limit the returned Team Leaders in the search?

Here’s my workflow. I’ve tried multiple times and it keeps assigning the same user. I am not using any privacy rules on the database

I’m not sure…

I’ve replicated a similar workflow and for me it’s working as expected, and assigning a random item to the thing each time the workflow runs.

How many items are in the actual list? (i.e. how many Users with the role ‘team lead’ do you have in your database?)

Maybe check in the debugger and in your logs to see if there’re any clues there as to why it’s not working.