Range of numbers

Data in Database
Datatype : Floor
fields : Range,Msg
0-5 , A
6-10 , B
11-15 , C

input : 3
Answer Should show : A

How to implement this?

What would be displaying the answer, would it be text?

yes @bcart0v

I put something together really quick,

Added an input and a text box. The text box has 4 conditions, based on what number is in the Input is what text it displays;

And it works;

So you can have a condition in the text do a search for the data file and pull the answer from your data file based on whatever the input is given.

wow thanks so much @bcart0v brilliant :slight_smile:

@bcart0v , but i dont see >= or <= symbols in the tool?

The input has to be set to an integer and not text for those options to display, or you can go the long way and convert text to a number.

oh, thats where i struggle from long time not getting those symbols. cool! thanks again!