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@ZeroqodeSupport @levon
Hope your day has been well. I am writing this due to I have been using this plugin with great results. I enjou the looks and function of it however I think there is a bug.
In this app, your slider is being used for a “like” system. User can slide the slider from 0-10 depending on how much they like a picture or video.
What I and users have found is that the range sliders will not reset and will display the previous pic/vid value. Example = if previous picture was liked at an 8 when you open up the next picture the range slider will be sitting at an 8.
The reason I say I believe this is a bug is due to it does not happen all of the time and not to every pic/vid. It is also happening in a repeating group if that gives you any further info.
Further explanation: Users scroll through a feed (just like instagram) and when they see a product that they like they can then open up said item’s listing. The listing is a popup with a vertical repeating group displaying more images and video of said product. Every pic or video uses a slider for a “like/rating” system. IF a person rates the 3rd image down to a “5 score” with the slider then closes out the listing popup then continues to open up the listing popup again for a different item, the 3rd image down has the previous “5 score” already on that slider.
This only happens on the Listing popup repeating group. It does not happen in all of the other 5 repeating groups that are on this app.
I have tried the action of resetting the Range Slider on popup close, popup open, etc and this problem still happens. I have even tried resetting the data of the group that the slider is in and this still does not help.
Hopefully I am doing something wrong so it is an easy fix but I spent about 6 hours on it yesterday and can not make a difference no matter what I do.
To recreate: Scroll through items for sale when app opens > select “view listing” > Listing popup will open > On listing popup, use slider to “like” one or two pictures > close listing popup > Select “view listing” of another item for sale > Listing pop up opens > You will notice that the sliders are already preloaded with the previous values that you slid the slider to from the previous listing.
As stated previously, I have tried resetting data of the popup, the rangeslider, etc however no matter what I do it does not make a difference. Also, once again, this only happens on the listing popup repeating group and none of the other repeating groups on the app (they all include the range slider).
Thank you very much and hopefully you tell me I am doing something wrong and it’s an easy fix.
Link to app:

Hi @twowheelsanddeals,
Thank you for your message and for using the Range Slider plugin.

Would it be convenient for your to share screenshots of your configuration from Editor, the plugin element, group, and workflow associated with it?
If possible, please attach a Loom video where you can replicate the issue you receive and the expected result you are trying to get.

This information will help us look into it with the dev team and get back to you with more details.
Thank you and we are looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

Hello @ZeroqodeSupport @levon , thank you for getting back to me. I just sent you a video link showing everything. It should be in your inbox. Please let me know if you don’t get it.

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