Ranking by Highscores in Repeating group with unique user per score

how do I query high scores in order to look from first scenario to second scenario?
first scenario

  1. A1 1000
  2. A2 800
  3. A1 780

second scenario

  1. A1 1000
  2. A2 800
  3. A3. 750 → (A3 is in the leaderboard even though A1’s second score is higher)

This is my current query:

Search for Game Scores:grouped by user:each item’s max of score

The grouping is grouped by user, type is exact.

Aggregation is ‘max’ (the highest score for each user). Calculate it on the score field.

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How do I get what rank a user is currently in given that he’s not part of the leaderboards?

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