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Repeating group nesting / attribute question

Ok the last one was a no brainer. Now for a challenge.

What I am trying to do:

Users define Paths rankings -> They see a Repeating group showing Path names sorted by the user’s rankings - > each Path group contains a Repeating Group of Elements according to that cell’s path score assigned within each Element

What I can’t figure out:

How to assign the user’s Path preference to an unchanging group of 10 Paths. (for display ranking)

How to make each Element aware that its path score for the current cell’s Path (also for display ranking).

What I’ve failed trying

Each input on the user creation "making changes to thing (paths) of a “user preference” field on the “thing” (paths. I can’t choose a specific “thing” (path) to edit the field for.

Creating new paths endlessly based on user preference (need it to stay with the 10 paths to assign Elements with a path score upon input).

Giving each Element a score within itself for each Path and sorting an . This sorts the content by the Path just fine if I have them in a static place, but I want the Paths to be dynamically sorted as well.


I can change the global path’s “preference”, but how do I keep that category specific for each individual user?

Hey, could you share a link to your editor? That might help provide some more context about your database structure.

From what I’m gathering though, it seems like you’re having users create rankings on Paths that are available to all users, which means if someone changes a ranking, it gets changed for everyone. So yes, you’d need to create new paths for each user so that they can have separate rankings.

Alternatively, you could have a field for each rank slot under User:


  • rank 1 (type Path)
  • rank 2 (type Path)
  • rank 3 (type Path)
    … etc.

Then, you can set those values for each user and display based off the user’s fields. Let me know if this helps.

I think I need to see your app/get more context to understand the element part.

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