Raw error for the API: waiting on default_lib.http_request

Hi there!

Trying out Bubble and wanted to connect it to an external API with the API Connector Plugin. Whatever I try I can not get it to work… In postmen it’s all ok…

Try it yourself :slight_smile:


Anybody who can help me out?

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Have a similar problem with one of the “heavier” calls.
@emmanuel, should we open a bug request for you to look into?

I’ve gotten this error recently when loading a new feed. I believe it’s timing out because the feed I’m loading is pretty big and takes awhile to load.

Any insight @Bubble team?

It’s probably the case. We already have a timeout of 60 seconds, we cannot really do more as it could make the app quite non responsive. Can you reach out to the API provider and see what they can do? 60secs is a long time.

Makes sense, thanks. Perhaps this error could show a user-friendly message instead so the user know that’s due to a timeout issue in the future. Something like:

There was an issue setting up your call. The request took longer than 60 seconds to load. Please check with your API provider to see how you can reduce load time.

Raw error for the API
{“args”:{“name”:“Promise(waiting on default_lib.http_request http://example.com/feed)”}}