Raw JSON into a RG

Is there a plugin/script that can turn raw json into a RG without using API connector

Why you would use raw json? You can already use the json payload into a RG

This is out of my expertice but I just try figure out how to use Data Layer plugin and how to fisplay that data :slight_smile:

Can you share first the API connector payload result and after the RG setting?

Jici, I think i’m just stuck here because I’m not able to set up this plugin correctly. PWC Plugin List

I need to get some instructions from @PWC how to set up workflows and how to display data

Ok. Your are not using API Connector (Sorry my bad, didn’t read correctly the first post). I don’t know exactly how this plugin work.
Maybe you can ask directly in this forum?

I will have a look at this ASAP. I think this is an interesting case.

Yes hopefully we hear back from plugin author. It might be $25 well spend if you give it a try.

What i started to think is that if @PWC adds support for multiple databases then It Opens doors where data is being stored(US,UK,EU,AUSTRALIA) from clients perspective.

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