Manipulation on client side and displayin data on RG

So, my app does some data manipulation on a series of CSV provided by the user.

I’m using JS on client side because I have had bad experiences with cloud computation (I’m talking about the invoices :sweat_smile: )

It’s all good and I found a great plugin to run the code but I really don’t understand how to return the result and put it in a RG.

The result of the function is a bi-dimensional array.

Currently, I don’t have a Thing that matches the resulting array’s rows in the database (I only want to display the result in a RG, I don’t need to save it). If necessary I can create it.

I’ve found the plugin Toolbox and I can display the resulting array as text with the JS to Bubble element and I see the checkbox that makes the result a list, but I suppose a 2dim array doesn’t work.

How do I have to transform the result of the js function in order to be able to use it in a RG?

Many thanks to everyone that will reply :slight_smile: !