Raw response for the API Status code 406


I am trying to call an API in bubble and I am able to fetch data in Postman but the same is not being able to run in Bubble.

While initializing the call getting the error as:

Getting the error as :-

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 406
{“data”:null,“error”:{“code”:406,“message”:“The Patch API only supports JSON responses, you requested ‘text/html’. Please set your ‘Accept’ header to ‘application/json’ or leave it blank”},“meta”:null,“success”:false}

I am selected Data type as “JSON” only but still facing this issue.

Please help me in this issue.

Did you find a solution?

You can add " Accept " = " application/json " to the shared header

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Agreed. The error message is literally telling you what to do.