Re-creating create a thing action

Trying to recreate the “Create a thing” action (as seen below).
I have this setup:

Which looks like this:

My goal is to create a thing on the client’s memory. I’m also unsure what the point of having a “App Type” field is, since all it returns is a type ID, which I can’t do much with.

Any help is appreciated.

What exactly are you trying to do here? client actions can’t return anything to the workflow, so if you want to create anything than you can’t use it. For this you need to use a mix of an element with states, events and actions.
App types are meant to enforce type validation, for example to set the type of a state dynamically when you can’t know it before.

The idea is to create a thing (or things) on the client’s end, allow them to edit it, and then send it to the server later.

you should probably use element’s states for that instead of a plugin. If you are adamant about the plugin you should make an element, not an action, and look in the forum for the workarounds needed to fake bubble’s things.

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You can create whatever types of objects you want and make them manipulate-able.