Re-usable element error

Does anyone have issues creating reusable elements?

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Still having issues creating reusable elements on multiple apps. Instead of making the reusable element, it duplicates the element on the same page.

Nobody else having this issue?

If I follow the video correctly, you’re creating the RE by converting an existing element on a page. I seem to recall having trouble with this a while back. For some reason I got it in my mind to only create RE’s from scratch, and if I need to replicate anything, I copy the elements into the newly created RE.

That’s not a good idea. I’ve been doing it like this for the past three years, it was working yesterday morning.

I experienced the same problem a couple days back. That reusable element only contained a text field that was gone when the reusable element was created. I didn’t think much of it at that time, but this seems like a bug.


I have tried it now. You are right. It’s definitely a bug.

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Hello Bubble,

Bumping this bug again. Already reported by mail.

Was facing this yesterday as well. Defo a bug.

Bumping up again.

I can confirm I experienced this bug as well yesterday.

Yes, I created a report today. #9662


Me too and a coworker have same type of bug here :

Don’t know who to ping in the Bubble team ?


Seems to be fixed, without any sort of communication from Bubble’s side. This is worrisome…

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