Bug in Bubble ? Element duplicating

I have a text element that takes data from the database, but this element is duplicating

Add “first item” at the end of the searches. You’re probably pulling more than one thing from the database

yes, i’m pulling all the values ​​posted in the month this cell, this is its function

Yes, it is confirmed, at least in my view. This is a bug that sometimes happens! How did I arrive at this conclusion? I left this problem aside and went to work on other aspects of the applications, this problem simply solved itself

Have you filed a bug report for the Bubble Success Team to take a closer look?

It was very good for you to remind me about it, I haven’t done it yet because I have a lot of work in the development of the app, but soon I will send a report to them. Thanks!!

I was working on a project today and noticed a text element was created randomly inside of a reusable element that I never added…I was actually just copying a container element from another app, so never even touched the text element in the app, so it was very strange to see it added later when I went to review things.

I was also in the workflow sections of a different reusable element when I went to make create a new reusable element and during the process I noticed randomly a new workflow trigger event was added.

Two different strange issues of elements/workflows being added at random.

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