Firebase Plugin Read Problem

I have the Firebase Authenticate Plugin Installed and a firebase database configured. I was able to get the write aspect of the connection working where i am able to successfully write data to the database from my bubble application.

I have not however been able to configure the read from database working. i’m certain that I’m doing it wrong. I want to read data from firebase and store it in bubble as a value for a thing. But I don’t know how to get it to work. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Don’t worry guys, I used the web api and have data coming in and out. Didnt get the plugin to work.

Api is really cool

I’d love to hear your use-case for using Firebase, as well as how you got it set up. I have had some thoughts about forgoing Bubble’s DB and using something external altogether, but not sure of the feasibility or limitations. Would you mind sharing your use case?

I will have a look at the plugin and see whats going on. Its a tricky one at some points due to how different a user can setup their data. I will let you know how i go.

@andrewgassen do yourself a favour and if you havent already create a firebase account, i dont think a single person could make it to the bottom of the menu without accidently implementing something… lol some of the feature are scary cool, for instance i can watch a users experience live and influence their experience live with the goal of conversion. Its actually pretty bad sounding but it also means i can push a remote function in seconds to fix a problem right down to even a device specifically without the user knowing anything past a small bump that initially prompted the repair.

Thanks jarrad, i’d appreciate the feedback.

Andrew, this is what i’m using firebase for, i’m taking sensor data from a controller using node red, node red then makes a secure connection with the firebase database using a identifier token. Once the data is there in firebase, i’m using the api right now to get the data from firebase into Bubble, bubble is running the api and creating new things intermittently, so that it’s recorded and state changes are read quickly. The same is done for the write, a button click sends the api with a value to be placed into firebase, this allows me to control outputs on the controller, starting and stopping equipment.

I’m still in the development stage, but slowly all elements of the design is being figured out. Firebase is increadibly user friendly as jarred mentioned and the bubble api connector is a godsent. As recommended by bubble, using postman to get your read and writes to firebase formatted before placing it into bubble helps a lot as well.

If you need specific code examples and illustrations let me know. I’ll submit them.

Take care guys

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any of you guys could go into more details about using Firebase instead of Bubble DB? Create some sort of quick guide?
I’ve heard good things about it while experiencing challenges with Bubble DB, especially when it comes to upload data and relational db.

-When is it interesting to use Firebase instead of Bubble DB? When is it not?
-What are the pros and cons?
-What can you do or can not do with it?
-Do you need other tools (Postman?)
-and obviously: how to set it up efficiently/how it works.

I’m ready to help if I can

Hello @shello247 I am thinking about using firebase as well, to obtain better performance. Could you share a screenshot of how your configured the api connector with firebase?