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Real Print PDF function

I continue here the sub-topic talked here before.

HTML to PDB block in Blockspring works well. But all the data must be public (I mean no Privacy rules) so the blockspring server can “see” them.

@emmanuel Would it be possible to put in the url of the page-to-print a temporary token which by-pass privacy rules ? This token could even expire after one single call.

We could add that, but I want to be careful here, as it could create a security hole. I’ll think about the pdf feature though, it would just be simpler if it were native in Bubble.

in the meantime though, you could modify the object temporarily to make it public, and after the operation reestablish the original state. As a workaround that would do it.


OK. I’ll wait and if it’s not integrated later on I’d do it before the kick off.

Can’t we have this added


I’ll have a look.

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Easy real print pdf would be awesome… any chance it’ll be available within a month???

Check this out!

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Hello @emmanuel,

Will it be possible to have as @AliFarahat said, jspdf? I think it´s more flexible and the customization is easier.

What do you think?

Everything is possible, but it takes time to build… Since we already have a solution for PDF, we would add this on a sponsored basis. if that’s important reach out and we’ll send you a quote.

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Hello @emmanuel but selectPDF does not have much options to format the template. Does it?

I mean you can´t configure anything, right?

Something like to let the user pick a template so the page will be printed with that configuration of colors, font, …