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Really need help with All Country Plugin

Hey bubblers!

Really hoping someone can help me out…

Have been using the All Country plugins to create dropdown inputs so users can select “Countries”, “Currencies”, “TLD”, etc.

They have recently upgraded the plugin to v3 and the data structure seems to have changed and now I can’t get the dropdown to work properly…

Here’s the data structure of the plugin before they upgraded…

After the plugin is updated, “Currencies” is no longer a list, but it is done as a line item…

…which is reflected like below in the editor…

Looking at the API level, the API for the new version is now coded like this…


The biggest issue I’m having is now is to to come up with an argument to use in the bubble editor in order to generate the proper “Currency” list output for the dropdown.

I tried going through the Bubble documentation on plug-in and don’t find it helpful. I’ve already spent an hour trying different combination of arguments in the editor and none of them seems to work.

If someone can help me on that that would help me a great deal.


You should first say plugin that you are using is API Connector.
Actually, the issue is not related to plugin, but to API. And the have have changed their response structure. They have now a dictionnary for the name (translation), instead of an array and same for the currency.
You should just continue to use V2 endpoints instead of updating to V3

OK. Let me try to see if I can revert it back.