🤩 [New Plugin] - Country Dropdown - A ready-to-use dropdown with all the countries in 8 languages

Add a ready-to-use Country Dropdown with all the countries in the world to your Bubble app with just a one click.

All the countries translated to 8 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Arabic). Sorted from A to Z for each language automatically.

:point_right: The fastest way to add a country selector in your forms

:black_small_square: HOW TO START:

Install and simply add the input element “Country Dropdown” to your design and customize the dropdown as you want.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

You can customize the dropdown as you want from the design tab.


  • Autobinding: String
  • Placeholder: String - Dynamic
  • Value to return: String (Country name or Country code)
  • Language: String - Choose from English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese or Arabic
  • Show flags: Boolean - show or hide the flag of each country in the dropdown

How to use in Actions:

You only have to read the state “value” of the Country Dropdown element

View in editor:

View a demo

Install it:

:black_small_square: EXPERIENCE:

Your users can then select their country from the dropdown list.

:black_small_square: FEATURES:

:white_check_mark: Choose from 8 languages
:white_check_mark: Sorted from A-Z for each language automatically
:white_check_mark: “Value to return” customizable (Name or Country Code)
:white_check_mark: Show/Hide flags for every country within the dropdown
:white_check_mark: Includes a list of all the countries in the world
:white_check_mark: Customizable design

:black_small_square: Benefits:

:star2: Improve user experience
:star2: Ready to use country dropdown
:star2: Make it easy for users to select their country
:star2: Optimize your app for international users

:point_right: Try our plugin today and see how it can help you improve your Bubble app!

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If you need an improvement for this plugin, please write your suggestions here :smiley:.

Great Idea - but mostly people just want to put in their country by typing so it is easier to find and not scroll trough everything - also a suggested location based on geolocation or ip is also usefull :slight_smile:

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