Receive `POST` data on a page


This might be a silly question, but I’m not seeing the obvious solution I’m afraid.

We’re working with an external integration/marketplace and as a part of the integration/auth loop they will make the user’s browser do a POST request to us with data such as organization number, token, username, etc. We want to receive this and connect it to the logged-in user. If the user is not logged in, we need the user to log in before saving that data to the database. (The page will contain some simple information about what the integration enables and potentially a log-in box if the user is not already authenticated.)

How do we receive data sent as POST to our Bubble page? I’ve tried to look at data/actions and plugins, but couldn’t find anything else than receivingGET parameters. (I guess a workaround could be set up a POST backend workflow/api, and then redirect/rewrite that to GET, but that doesn’t seem as clean.)


A page is always GET request. You need to use backend WF with redirect.

However, what you describe seem to use Bubble as oAuth provider. Check manual for this

This is not a regular authentication flow, so I don’t think this applies here. But I appreciate the input!

I understand, I kind of hoped somebody would prove me wrong here :slight_smile:

Since the end user is not being detected as authenticated on the api “page”/request it seems like I need to store the data in a temporary table and then forward the user to a regular page where he can pick up the data again. (I’m attempting to store this in a temp table with a key, and that key is forwarded to the redirected page which reads it from database.)

Any other suggestions or inputs are more than welcome!

Maybe use url parameters ?

Quick idea would be to make a data type in your user table that is your api call data…

In your workflows : Update that data when you make an api call…
In your UI : "Get data from Current user’s custom api call data type "
In your backend workflows : Set an incoming post call and in this workflow : Make changes to User (and set a logic to update the right user?)

I haven’t check if it works… Just a thought.

I considered this, but decided against it since I didn’t want all the data sent from the third party in the url (especially token for security reasons such as history in browser, etc.).

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