How to send data to another page by POST Method

Please tell me how to send data to another page by POST Method.

I would like to send personal information to next page by POST Method without login system. For example, it is sent when user clicks a button after inputing data in forms.

I would not like to use a query parameter because it is not secure.

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You can navigate from page to page and Bubble will recognize the current user. On the shown form above just update the user object upon the click of the next button with this action:



Thank you very much for your prompt reply !
I could send these data to another page.

However I want to know this system.
If you know this system, please tell me. Are these information saved to session in web server?

I checked about “Make changes to current user” system reading bubble manual.
This manual is written “saves this information in the application database”.
But thesse information in bubble User database was not uploaded after that action.

Better to share the workflow you used

This is workflow.

If the user has not signed up to the app … then after 3 days any additional info to a current user is erased by the platform.

Once users sign up to the app Bubble treats them as permanent users

I suggest you learn how to signup and login users.

How to Build Signup & Login functionality in Bubble

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A different way is to create a new DB where you will store theses informations. And you will link the current user to this DB thing instead of directly store data with the current user that are not logged in. Theses data are stored in cookies when you use current user



Thank you so much !!
Yes, I don’t use a signed up in this app.

I understood current user system thanks to your advices.
I try to use your advices in this app. That’s all done for my issue.


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