Recently used devices & logout

Hello Bubble community,

I am trying to create something like this
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 16.41.16

I am able to get device info from this plugin

How can i logout of all devices ?

@mikeloc @adamhholmes @sam.morgan @Jici
Any help please :pray:

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I may be wrong, but working from Browser have some limitation around that. You will need to:
A) Create a DB thing with Device info and a status and date for last used.
B) Set cookie on the device = to created DB Thing
C) On each page probably, Get the session ID (cookie) and do a search for in DB. Check status. If “disconnected” log the user out and send them to login page. If not disconnected, update last used.

I could be off base here, but isn’t that what this action is supposed to do?


I was thinking to log out on a specific device. But if this is for all device, @mikeloc is right


How can i miss that :man_facepalming:

Thanks a lot @Jici @mikeloc