Recognising duplicate values in my database

Is there a way or command for bubble to search for duplicate integers within the database?

For example, I have a table column that numbers entries based on when the data entry was made, and the table sorts by descending:


However, later on the sequence can be edited like this:


Is there anyway for bubble to recognise this duplicate so I can add a +1 to the older duplicate entry (21x0.9mm) and push it down automatically by the table sorting it?


Hi @srabayah

I don’t understood exactly what you are trying to do… but answering your question…

Create an action to “Make change to thing” then do a Search For Products:firs item constraining the search by the Product you desire, in the example above was the (21x0.9mm).

Select to modify the field “Sequence” and write: This Product's Sequence + 1

Hi there,

Issue is that it can be edited to any sequence, for example if I replaced the sequence with 2 instead of one then searching for the first item no longer works.

Why not if you are using the item’s name as constraint?

Because I want all the other items to change their sequence number depending on the item sequence im editing. Example, if I change 15x1mm from sequence 3 to sequence 2 (in the first screenshot I posted), I need 18x1mm in the first screenshot to move back down to sequence 3, however it ends up that they both are sequence 2 instead. Issue is there could be 10 sequence items and I want to move sequence 9 to sequence 3, which makes its harder as it wont be the first item that needs changing.

What you can do is, as soon as you change the sequence of the 15x1mm from 3 to 2, you will need to update the sequence of every other product that have a sequence number greater or equal to 2.

So you will need to build a workflow that “Make a change to a list of things” and as your list, you will do a Search for Products where sequence number is greter or equal to 2 :minus item (15x1mm) . This will send a list of every product that have a sequence number greter or equal to 2 minus the item you just changed.

And in your workflow, you only need to change the product’s sequence to This Product's Sequence + 1

Make sense?

This is what I get when trying to add what you said unfortunately, I only get it “>” when I put it as the first item or last item. Should it still be “:each item’s sequence” as I want to change every other product on the list

Did you manage to solve it?
I saw you marked my post as a solution.

Hi there,

Yes I have, using the commands of line you gave me. However instead of inputting a value now to change the sequence order, the column now has up and down arrows that add +1 or -1 to the sequence in order to change its order in the table.

Greatly appreciate the help :heart:

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