Recognize email of current user on form to send them to login, if not already user they continue with sign up

Context: A sign up page that will recognize those who are already users and redirect them to login.

I want to be able to recognize that the email of being entered into the signup form.
When they click the “next” button, if they are already a user, I want to send them to login, if not already user they continue with the next step of signing up.


You really want distinct Log In versus Sign Up buttons. Create a new Bubble project and start with the default page rather than a blank page. Examine the login/signup buttons in the resusable header. Examine the reusable signup/login popup as well. This shows the proper way to handle signup/login in Bubble.

You can do what you want, but you might change your mind about the interface you propose after examining a well-structured login/signup system.

Note that it’s easy to extend that sample system to collect other info at signup time, but I’d caution against collecting too much right up front. Get the user signed up, THEN get them fully onboarded. You can always force the user back to an onboarding page if they do not complete the process on first visit.

Thanks Keith!

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