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I am interested if is posssible:

e.g. If I share a link with you of a platform where you don’t have an account, and the link is of a certain page, lets say a post, and as you click on the link, platform triggers the workflow to redirect you at the Sign-up page, and then the question is, how we can set up for you to after the sign-up to land on the previous (post) page, instead that you need to click once again the link to land on the post page (now as signed-up user).

There is an option to have sign-up form (popup) on each platform’s page, but is there another way, and/or what would be the best way to have such “feature”?


What is each platform? Are you asking about creating multiple Bubble apps?

Either way, yes it is possible to have a signup as a popup and to place it on each page. Most of the time I create a reusable element that is a ‘header’ and that is placed on each page. The header has the popup for signup.

This would be fastest easiest way instead of navigating to a different page and then back again.

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Thanks @boston85719!

Each platform’s page! but you have provided solution, as i already have a reusable header, will add there a signup popup, trigger by already-existing sign-up button :smiley:

This is one of those “dot-connections” :smiley: Hura hura hura

Thanks again @boston85719

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