Recurring Calendar Events

@DaveA built a great example about recurring events. I just wonder what would be the best practice for editing “Parent Event” and all recurring events under it. Let’s say I want to change a repeating weekly event from Monday to Tuesday? How about just editing an single event?


Hmm, this is just thinking out a loud, but;

  1. you could add a field to the ‘event’ for ‘parent event’, set this to the id of itself on the first create. It might take a first workflow action to generate the id, then pickup the id and set the field on the second and subsequent events.

  2. If you select an event for editing, you could present the user with the option for all events or single event, if it is ‘all’ then search and edit all events that contain the same parent event ID. if you choose single event, then only edit the selected event.

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