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[SOLVED] Calendar editing of current event

Continuing the discussion from [SOLVED] Edit calendar event data:

Hi, I tried to follow this workflow but there must be some step I’m missing. I have the following:
Click a calendar day triggers Popup A which has a form to add new things. Event is displayed on the calendar.

Click a calendar event that is already created and Popup B appears. It has the same form look but dynamic data in the input fields from the calendar’s current event. Good.

Now, however, I try to add workflow to the Enter button, but what should the field values be? I don’t think they can be the calendar’s current event anymore because the user may have typed over the initial value. Is there a value we can take right from the field (whether it was newly typed or the value from the event)? This is probably obvious but I cannot see the element - will try renaming it to make it more obvious.


I think I figured it out. It seems it is the obvious solution and I just had to play around til I made sure which item should equal which other item’s value. Whatever is in the field is what will be in the update and is shown immediately. I guess the debugger can show the current state of the value in the database but I didn’t try to check that yet. Hope so.