Recurring event to create thing return from external API

We have an application to work with API.
We define API connector to get data from another software. !
Firstly I define API enpoint with parameter.

Then I have workflow to create student

Then I define recurring event

Then I create wf to get data from external api to parameters

From one page of my app, I create a button and call set/cancel recurring event

I tried many thing but can’t fit workflow thing . Please take a look.
Thank you.

Are you wanting the API workflow to return the thing back to the page workflow?

A recurring or scheduled API workflow runs completely separately from the page, and when it is done it has no way to know which page to return data to, if the page is even open at that time.

What you are probably looking for is to use the API Connector to define an API call to your own API Workflow endpoint, as if it is an external API. Then the page workflow calls via the API Connector, waits for it to finish, and can use the returned value.

Yes, my purpose simply to call external API, get data on the list then create thing on bubble database, i dont need it show to any page. Can you see my API endpoint and Recurring Event to see if I can handle my task with enpoint and recurring event.

Does the recurring event allow you to remove the Type of thing?

No, can recurring event schedule itself? Something like this

Instead of a recurring workflow, try a recursive scheduled workflow

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