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Setting Up Recurring Events 24 Hours To Get Data From External APIs


My name is Shan. I’m excited to be part of this community!

I’m building an app that helps people grow their YouTube channels. I’ve set up an external YouTube API that gets data from YouTube. However I need it to update the data every 24 hours. How do I set up a recurring event that does this? Here’s a video of my app so far:

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@Shan welcome to the community!

Explore recurring backend workflows

Thanks @cmarchan
I’ve watched this tutorial before but can I use this same method to get data from an external API and update the bubble database every 24 hours?

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Two ways:

Set a daily recurring workflow

Set an infinite recursive workflow that runs daily. Make sure you capture each time the workflow ID so that you can stop it when needed

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Thanks @cmarchan
I still can’t seem to be able to figure it out so I booked a coaching call with you :slight_smile: .
Looking forward to the call.

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Sure! :grinning: just DM’d you