Recurring hourly restrictions

It is simple: You just construct the dates you need for any given calendar day.

How do you construct a date in Bubble? You reference Current Date/Time… the only date we have a handle on really in vanilla Bubble (there are of course other ways, but not in vanilla).

You do this by just taking that date and changing all of its components to be the components that you need.

User says:

Don’t send email between Noon and 3.

On any given day, the dates (dates are unique points in time, mind you) to prohibit email sending are:

Current Date/Time:set hours to 12 :set minutes to 0 :set seconds to 0 ← Noon on that day


Current Date/Time:set hours to 15 :set minutes to 0 :set seconds to 0 ← 3 PM on that day

I’m simplifying a bit as of course manipulating dates has other pitfalls… But you can learn about dates in Bubble (and really what I’m talking about here is dates in JavaScript/the web/the browser, but it’s all the same thing):

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