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Little help with scheduling based on date/time

I’m having trouble working out date/time conditions… how do i extract and take action based on a day of the week?

If today is Wednesday and I want to send a reminder to the user on Sunday, I could either set the reminder as current date/time+days: 4 or I could round down to week+7 days.

But i need this to be dynamic: it could be Tuesday or Thursday and I still want the reminder to go out next Sunday. I’m hoping this is easy to do in one of the additional date/time steps and not going to require 7 workflow conditional statements (one for each day).

Thanks for the help!

Hey there @andrewgburman,

Perhaps recurring workflows might be better?

Hello @andrewgburman welcome to the community!

Use :rounded down to: week +(days) 7

***My message was flagged by the community as spam. So, let me add a few comments to assure you it is not spam.

I do not make any money off of the api I suggested. I left the message on this thread because it was one of the many I thought could help me solve my issue but after spending weeks trying to find solutions via the forum, help docs, and other means left me stuck unless I wanted to pay another $1100/yr.

What you are reading below is me being excited to share a solution with all of you. I hope you see it that way. I posted this comment on a couple of similar threads that seemed to have people seeking a solution to a similar problem.

Again… I hope this helps others.

@andrewgburman I know that the likelihood of you still needing help with this is long gone but I am throwing it out there just in case (and I am doing so on the threads I read when looking for a solution). I found a company that handles exactly this and you can use it with the Personal Plan in Bubble. Here is the link for the api workflow ( Yardillo API Documentation (yardillo-yardillo-default) | RapidAPI ). Milind is the owner and can help get this feature working. I know because I just completed the process with him and it works beautifully!!