Recurring workflow not showing in scheduler logs

Hello! I am trying to setup a recurring event with no luck. I have triggered it through a button click and set the actual recurring event in the API workflow. I’m not sure where I am going wrong. Please see pictures or ask for more information. Thanks!

Check the following:

  1. The Thing you’re sending to the recurring event doesn’t already have another recurring event set to it. Your plan currently only allows for 1 Recurring Event per Thing.

  2. In the workflow that sets the event, is the “Parent Group’s Offering” properly referenced? Meaning, are you actually referencing a record, or is there a disconnect somewhere and you might be referencing a blank.

  3. The start date is set to Parent Group Offering’s Modified date, and from the looks of your sequence, the modified date might be the timestamp for Step 3. It’s possible you’re setting it for a date already in the past. Maybe schedule it for Modified Date + [x] seconds.