View Recurring Scheduled Workflow


Is there a reliable way to view whether or not an event is correctly scheduling on a recurring basis? I have a recurring backend workflow that is supposed to run Daily, but some users are experiencing where this does not occur.

I need greater assistance debugging this and would love to know if there’s a reliable way to view whether the recurring workflow is working. Thanks!

You can check bubble’s built in scheduler (Go to logs>scheduler)

Or if you want a more user friendly way of viewing this, you can make a datatype with fields such as

Workflow Name
Scheduled Date
Workflow ID

Etc and create your own admin page to have some more control

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I can’t really use the scheduler because my app has 160k+ users and there’s no search functionality which makes it extremely difficult to use.

For the datatype approach, it doesn’t seem recurring workflows give you a scheduled workflow ID that can be used. Does it?

scheduling any API workflow should expose the workflow ID in the next step.

I set my data type up like this. You can see the workflow ID field there