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I’m trying to use Etsy’s API to display a keyword search query of listing results. Each listing image url is identified by a corresponding listing_id. To retrieve the images, I need to make two API calls, where I take the results of the first call and pass it to the 2nd call. The problem is, I cannot pass more than one listing_id through the 2nd Etsy API call at a time, so I need to set up a recursive backend workflow that loops through each returned listing_id to retrieve the entire list of images.

I’ve set up two API calls - one to retrieve all active listings, that returns the listing_id’s as a list of numbers:

and another API call to retrieve the image URLs for each corresponding listing_id. As you can see, the listing_id value only accepts one listing_id at a time:

API call #1 return listing_ids —> API Call #2 loop through each listing_id —> return each image url

I’m struggling to loop through the list of IDs and call the API for each one using a recursive backend workflow.

Can anyone provide some guidance or point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Etsy API documentation


You could trigger an update on a list which will work in this case rather than each ID. I’ve found updating on a list will create workflows for 50-100 items or less with no trouble. Bubble tends to trigger a pile of these at once so while you have a handfull of ID as shown this should be fine

I also wrote out steps for a recursive workflow here Deleting Thousands of Records in Bulk - #7 by johnnyweb . That example is deleting items but you can modify it to update/crate records just as easily. Good luck!


Yep, try “schedule API workflow on a list” on that field. 25 should be fine.

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Thank you @johnnyweb and @melbournemarsden ! I’m very appreciative of your guidance, this solution worked.


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