Recursive workflow stopping at 100th item

Hey everyone!

I’m running a recursive backend workflow which takes users list and processes them one by one. While testing, I realized that it’s not processing any further after processing the 100th item.

What am I missing here?

There’s no obvious reason for why it would stop at 100. Could you share a screenshot of the condition on the reschedule action?

I noticed the same. I solved it by breaking the long list down into chunk of 50 at a time.

Not sure what the reason is, I assumed Bubble implemented it to prevent endless workflows.

How did you break the long list into chunks?

Recursive workflow I assume.

Hey Petter, this is how I set it up

You’re using the action “Schedule an API workflow on a list” when it should just be “Schedule an API workflow”…

Your members parameter on your API workflow should be set as a list though, so you can pass the list into itself:minus item:first item


Holy shit! Now I’m gonna feel dumb throughout this Chistmas eve

Thanks man

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Then you schedule it for Current date/time + seconds (2) if you really want to space it out like it seems you were intending (think of how many things you are processing * 2 and make sure that many seconds isn’t too long)

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Hey Tyler, changed the workflow to this

still it’s stopping at the 100th item

Any errors in the server logs when it stops? What’s your list of members you are feeding it when you schedule the workflow from the front end? Search for “busy” in the log search see if the app is maxing out capacity or something

I found something interesting. In the logs, it says mail is sent even after the 100th item but I didn’t any mail after the 100th. No errors, timeouts whatsoever

If it shows your list getting shorter and shorter in the logs until it hits 0 then maybe check your SendGrid account if they are blocking anything…

I’m using Bubble’s “Send email” to send emails :grimacing:

Oh… found your issue then…

Sign up for Postmark :joy:

The “Send an email action” can still be used for mass emails if you have a SendGrid account linked in your app settings, but it sounds like you are just using the free emails they let you send by default

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