Recursiveness problem

Hey Guys, im struggling into running a loop throw an api response. Basically im calling an api that responds a json with multiple objects like: { {object 1…}, {object 2…}…} , i need to save every single object individually in my database. So i was trying to make the current event loop in my backend workflows but im getting an error “workflow error - circular custom workflow- custom workflow cannot call themselves directly or indirectly” , then i tried to make the events as an api workflow, so i can schedule then and then create something in my database, but then the error is that the input is empty.

Could someone help me with this? I am really mad at this lol

Gotta store and parse response separately. Look around for any of posts that discuss

do you have any link about this discussion?

Use ‘Schedule a Custom Event’ instead of ‘Trigger a Custom Event’