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Sending event data to API to create a loop

Hello Bubblers,

I’m trying to make an event scheduling / calendar app and want to make multiple instances of an event if the user checks the “Repeat weekly” checkbox and inputs a number for how many times to repeat. The issue I’m having is trying to make a loop to create all the instances. I’ve tried to use two custom events in the workflow but that just produces an error saying that custom workflows cannot call themselves, directly or indirectly. I’ve seen other posts about using API workflows but I’m not used to using them and I can’t find a way to sent the information from the event creation (image 1) to the API as a workflow thing (Image 2) which will trigger the custom event (Image 3) and then go back and forth between the API and custom event, sending the new data from the custom event and creating instances of the event until the ‘Repeat amt’ = 0.

[Image 1] - Regular workflow

[Image 2] - Backend workflow

[Image 3] - Backend workflow

If anyone knows how to do this or knows a better method I appreciate any suggestions. Feel free to ask questions if clarification is needed.


Create a recursive workflow with manual parameters to create the things you need

Too intricate to explain. Given what you explain above this is what you need :grinning:

Perhaps this video could help. Focus on the looping aspect of it and replace their logic with what you need done.

I checked out the video and was able to figure it out. Thank you!

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