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Page height for group how to get remove empty space below

Hi everyone, I have been struggling with the last puzzle for an app and was hoping to get some help here. I have a page with repeating groups that once clicked opens up a group with a video and some text while supposedly hiding everything else on the page. The goal is to have the opened group be full-screen height similar behavior as a popup. The workflow worked perfectly when it was in a popup but the problem was that the performance was not the best especially on older devices when using popups.

So I exchanged the popup to a group and the performance is way better. The only problem is that there is a bunch of empty white space below the group from the original page still visible. How do I hide that space? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!


Please, check if it can help you:

Hi @mateusproto thanks for the tip but unfortunately I don’t think the helps me. All groups are hidden what I’m seeing is the underlying page below.

So for example my group showing is 1200 height but the underlying page is 2200 height how do I not show the extra 1000 in height?


Two ways:

  1. Compress the page to a height of 1200px


  1. Add a group 1000px high set to collapse when hidden and make it invisible (hidden)


You can use the “collapse this element height when hidden” together with the second option @cmarchan has suggested.

yep solution 2 from @cmarchan works great! Thank you for the help:)

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