Reference to next item in repeating group

Hello Bubblers!

I have list of items which contains location.
In repeating group I would like to represent distance between
For this I need a reference to “next” cell.
If there any way to do this?

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Use the Repeating Group to get the data list then use the current cell’s index + 1 to identify the next cell.

There is no option to do any calculation after Cell Index

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Hi @petrucho :slight_smile: You can add a hidden input (called “Next cell Input” for example) inside of the repeating group cell, and set its initial content to be “Current cell’s index + 1” (type: Integer). Then, use the expression Repeating Group Event's List of Events:item#Next cell Input's value to reference the next cell.

Thanks @fayewatson
I’ve already tried this approach but looks like it doesn’t work for “Destination - Distance From” logic

So I have the hidden input with Next Index Number but distance is not displaying.


@petrucho It should work. Here is a test with Input A = current cell index + 1

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@petrucho just to double-check, if nothing is showing up at all it may be a privacy roles issue?

Thanks for sharing the expression settings.
I triple checked - I have same as you have.

Still no text at all

@fayewatson this is a brand new app. No privacy roles at all.


I even tried simple reference to Item # - no luck.
But if I put Item # number manually - all works like a charm


@petrucho Got it! Could you possibly temporarily set your app to public and share a link to the app editor?

@petrucho, make sure your input Content format is set to Integer and not Text.



@eli it’s set.

@petrucho Thanks! :slight_smile: I accidentally do this sometimes too – the input’s placeholder was set to “Current cell’s index + 1” instead of the initial content:

So when the input’s value was used, the Repeating Group Events List of Events # expression became Repeating Group Events List of Events #0. I just switched the “Current cell’s index + 1” expression to the initial content here:

And all seems to be working :slight_smile:


Oh my god, I so dumb! :frowning:
Thank you @fayewatson and everyone who tried to help me!


Absolutely no worries at all! :slight_smile: I do that all the time!


lol, I do too @petrucho. The way they are setup on the editor makes it very easy to get them mixed up if you aren’t paying attention. It would be nice if they were differentiated visually just a bit. Or maybe even switch their positioning in the properties editor.

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