Repeating Group Passing Next Index Cell's Data to a floating group when clicking "next" inside the floating group

Hello there.
I have a repeating group, inside this repeating group I have an icon that opens a Detail Card (floating group) showing the data of the Parent Group’s Data Type of the Icon.
Inside this Detail Card I have two navigation Icons for going next and previous. I can’t seem to find anything native to bubble for the logic of showing the Data of the next (or previous) cell’s index data.
Does anyone have a solution to this?

I don’t think there’s anything native, AFAIK. What you can do is create states NEXT_INDEX and PREV_INDEX and set them to the cell index+/-1 and then link icon to the repeating group’s source with “item #” NEXT_INDEX, for example

Thank you for the response, Alex. Would you mind linking any screenshots? I didn’t understand the example. Thank you in advance :pray: