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Referencing a Repeating Group's values from a Reusable Element


Is it possible to get the data from a Repeating Group from a Reusable Element? We have a pulldown Repeating Group of users and have a Reusable Element. Inside the Repeating Group of the Reusable Element, we have a button and we would like to get the user that has been selected from the pulldown.


You can give the reusable element a ‘Type of content’ and when you go to the rg and select the reusable element, you can put the data source as current cell.


i made a video about this, where I’m using a google like menu icon and giving the data type to this reusable element in a repeating group.

Might be helpful for you.

Thanks. Will take a look.

Is the Reusable Element a Repeating Group?

Is the Repeating Group on the Page and you have placed a reusable element into the repeating group?

If you have the repeating group inside of a reusable element and you put that reusable element onto the page and you want the user to select a value from the repeating group which is inside of the reusable element and you want that value for some event that is on the page, then best approach is to put onto the reusable element a custom state that is the same type of data as that of the repeating group you created inside of the reusable element.

When user selects the value from the repeating group set the custom state of the reusable element itself to what was selected. Then on the page you can reference the custom state value of the reusable element.