Referencing Different Tables

I want to reference my Agent Table to the Incentive Table.

When I add 'Incentive" it does not reference to my Agent Column

Same with my Agent Table

In here, when I add Incentives then it will reference to the Agent Column but it’s blank


Database Structure looks like this

Agent Table

Incentive Table

When I tried to debug, the add_agent state is empty


Well there’s your issue… make it so that Group Add’s add_agent isn’t empty.

Then, create a new Flat Incentive. Then, make changes to Group Add’s add_agent and add the Flat Incentive to the Flat Incentives list.

I don’t know why it’s empty, I’m new to bubble and I’m trying to figure this out.

Here’s the Group Add

When I click it, it will show the Group Focus

Set the state when Group Add is click


Use the debugger by appending ?debug_mode=true to your preview page URL. Parent group’s Agent is probably empty.

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