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Refresh text for a dynamic timer


I’m trying to display a text that has the following dynamic text:

It should display something like:

  • (7 seconds ago)
  • (8 seconds ago)
  • (9 seconds ago)
  • etc…

This is within a repeating group, but I can isolate it into a new Reusable Element, if need be.

I cannot really find a way to do that, as…

  • The Current date/time is static and has the value of page load.
  • The result of the search is also static (and should never change anyway).

So, the problem is that the “now” is wrongly static when it should be dynamic.

I tried to find a way around that with workflows. Also with conditionals. But so far, nothing.

As an example, the (deprecated) plugin Efactive correctly feeds a new value every N ms (settings). This shows that it should be doable.

I’d like to think that Bubble can do such a thing without a plugin though.

Any idea?


I finally found a way!

First, I had to create a Reusable for my repeating group entry. Else, I could not access the Text element itself in the Workflows.

Then I created a “When” WF, ran every 1 second. Inside, I set a state of the Text element to the computed value. I created a state called “elapsed time” (number). In this WF, Current date/time is no longer static but dynamic. I find it counterintuitive that the same function is treated so differently in these 2 contexts.

Finally, I set its value to evaluate to its internal state. Whenever the state is updated, it redraws the element.


Hopefully, it helps other people.


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